Vacuum systems

During these years our company has focused on designing and realizing new vacuum system machines for different technical purposes.
Namely a vacuum system machine is a very sensitive and sophisticate machinery which needs a deep engineering knowledge to achieve high standards in terms of quality and reliability of the final product as well as to reduce to the minimum the vacuum system production cycle length.

Vacuum system machines are used in different technical domains:

Automotive sector

  • Batch system to metalize headlamps and car lights through a plymeric protection treatment;
  • Sputtering system - it's a protection treatment carry out by multilayer deposit of different materials;
  • Impregnation systems of mechanical parts (e.g. turbines for supercharging) to remove – by filling up – surface porosity;


Electro-technical Industry

  • Machines to impregnate using vacuum system (electric motors, inductances, mechanical parts...);
  • Gravity vacuum casting machines;
  • Autoclaves for electrical transformers core drying;
  • Casting resins systems for electrical transformers, inductances and insulators;
  • Vacuum machinery suitable for ATEX environment;
  • Oil depurators for filling both fixed and mobiles high voltage and distribution electrical transformers.


Furthermore, we provide our customers with various maintenance services as well as upgrades on old machines for all above-mentioned domains.


Finally we offer to our customers:

  • Updates on control systems;
  • Insertion of cryogenic systems to increase pumping performance;
  • Modification and development of already existing pumping systems;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance;
  • Designs of autoclaves and systems;
  • Ultra-vacuum systems;
  • Suction industrial systems.


Batch Coater in vertical configuration, double chamber.


Another example of Batch Coater in vertical configuration, double chamber.

Car lamps after metallization treatment with Batch Coater.

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