Industrial Equipements

INTEC S.r.l. deals with design, creation and certification of industrial equipments in different technical domains such as iron and steel industry as well as electro technical field (electric motors and smoke detectors).

Our work experience gives us the ability to satisfy our customer's needs and vision.

When a customer needs a new equipment, our enterprise support him in each stage of the project, supporting him step by step: from the design to the installation, to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, always offering a real and careful assistance.

Our work experience has led us to build different type of sophisticated machineries such as presses to place electrical contacts, unwind systems for metal thread, magnetic dust brake systems for copper strap unwind, active filters to capture the waste material resulting from sandblast process as well as automatic presses to extract essences and fragrances.

Update and renovation of old machineries and equipments represent an important sector of intervention both on simple and complex equipments such as batch coaters used in the automotive sector to metalize lighting products (Vacuum systems).

We are in fact pleased to help our customers to save money and time renovating old equipments that would have been otherwise dismissed or replaced with new one 

Along with our customer needs, old equipments and machinery renovation starts from screening of all the ways for optimising their efficiency focusing on the mechanical, electronic and software components.

Once the update is finished, we provide a new user manual, a maintenance handbook as well as an EC declaration of conformity


Filter for a sandblast facility.

Hydraulic power lift to place eyebolt (naval sector) – maximum capacity 180Kg.

Presse to extract essences and fragrances.

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