Trade References

In this section you can find the list of a few enterprises with whom we have worked or we are still collaborating.

Danieli S.p.a.

Mechanical design of parts and structures for steelworks.

Continua Concast S.p.a.

Design and manufacture of parts in special steels for continuous casting equipments.

Acegas-APS S.p.a. (Municipal concern)

Creation and maintenance of some parts of machineries used for the black water treatment, creation of a centralized suction system for the incinerator, maintenance of the waste furnaces, maintenance on lifting equipments, maintenance of carpentry and finally maintenance of waste compactor trucks and machineries, supplying steel and alloy machined parts.

Lucchini S.p.a. (Cast iron production)

Supplying machined parts, spare parts for equipments and various maintenances.

Leitner S.p.a. (Ropeways)

Design of sections of ropeways and design of their parts.

Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.a. (Repeaters for mobile phone signals)

Entire design of radio base station, work direction, industrial safety, relations with local public administration and permit management.

Galileo Vacuum Special Equipment

Vacuum machinery designs.

Wartsila Italia S.p.a. (Naval motors and generators)

Supplying parts for motors and equipments to assemble them.

Cividin Costruzioni S.p.a. - Coopsette Soc. Coop. - Pivato S.p.a. (Building firm)

Metal structural works and steel structures.

Fincantieri S.p.a. (Shipbuilding)

Creation, installation and maintenance of active filters for sandblast facilities.

Demont S.r.l. (Naval outfitting)

Steel and brass finished parts for cruise ship outfitting.

Fondazione Teatro Lirico G. Verdi – Trieste (opera house)

Maintenance of stage machinery, assistance in the realization of metal structural works.

Pittway Tecnologica - Gruppo Honeywell

Producing and supplying carpentry parts for smoke detectors, mechanical parts and machinery to assemble them.

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